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-Due to the large increase of raw material prices and shipping costs, we have unfortunately had to raise the prices of our products recently. We thank you for your understanding and support-


Finally an alternative to continually replacing the unreliable factory handle and cable system! Our kit includes everything you need to upgrade your rear hatch to an electric style hatch similar to those found on more modern vehicles. Installation can be accomplished with basic hand tools, no drilling required, and is plug and play for an easy installation.


**For the ultimate in long-lasting reliability, we recomend installing a new latch and lock actuator when you do the handle replacement so that you will not have to worry about this later down the road. Lock actuator and latch pictured is NOT included with the kit; please select "kit+latch" to add the latch to your order, and make sure the lock actuator you have is in good, working condition.


Our Kit Includes Everything You Need To Convert Your Current Setup To Electric:

Handle with push button pre-wired and pre-installed

12v actuator pre-mounted and pre-wired

Mounting Hardware

Zip ties

Color installation instructions

Rear Latch (included with basic+latch only)

2nd Button and Wiring for it (if selected when you order)


About the 2nd button: The 2nd button is useful if you plan to camp in your Sequoia and will be opening the hatch from the rear, interior of the vehicle.



Installation time ≈1 hour


Please keep in mind: we are a very small operation (husband and wife only), kits are made to order, and supply shortages have effected wait times. Please allow up to a month for you order to be shipped as we are often waiting on supplies ourselves.  Our family THANKS YOU so much for choosing York Solution Supply!

Rear Hatch Electric Conversion Kit

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